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Gluten Reduced Beers

At Key City Brewing Co., we use Clarity Ferm in all of our beers. It is an enzyme designed to clear haze in beers but it also has a remarkable side effect – it reduces gluten. This was something Zack, our founder, has done to his beers since he was brewing them on a kitchen stovetop as a homebrewer. When it came time to open Key City, he set out to create a brewery that his family and friends, some of whom have Celiac or gluten sensitivities, could enjoy.

Is This Gluten-Reducing for Real?

Absolutely, Clarity Ferm is a proteolytic, non-GMO protease. The enzyme cleaves gluten proteins so that people with gluten sensitivities do not react adversely. When used correctly, beers treated with Clarity Ferm test below 20 ppm of gluten, which is the FDA’s limit for gluten-free products.

  • Proudly, every Key City beer is treated with Clarity Ferm for gluten reduction.
  • Despite being made with traditional grains, our beers taste just like their non-treated counterparts.

Why Not “Gluten-Free” on the Label?

Current federal guidelines don’t allow us to label our beers as “gluten-free”, because our beer is produced with ingredients that contain gluten, the FDA does not allow beers treated with Clarity Ferm to be considered gluten-free. So instead, we use “gluten-reduced.”

Disclaimer: While we can’t promise specific health outcomes, we can share that Zack’s family and friends with gluten sensitivities have enjoyed our beers without issue. We encourage everyone to understand their own sensitivities. Drink at your own risk.

Find Our Beer!

Now, the best part – our beers! Key City vows to continue to brew every single beer with Clarity Ferm, offering not just safety but excitement and variety. Our commitment to quality and creativity has even led to awards! At Key City, we’re not just a brewery that makes gluten-reduced beers; we’re a brewery that celebrates them. Cheers!

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